Regular Board Meeting Information

Below is the regular meeting schedule. The Boards of Directors may call special meetings or cancel a regular meeting in their sole discretion.  All notices of meetings will be posted at least 24 hours prior to the meeting in compliance with Colorado Revised Statutes.

Dates: third Thursday of January, April, July and October
Time: regular meeting times for each district are as follows:

  • District No. 1 – 3:00pm
  • District No. 2 – 3:30pm
  • District No. 3 – 4:00pm
  • District No. 4 – 4:30pm
  • District No. 5 – 5:00pm

Location: Meetings will be held via teleconference. Please view the meeting notice or agenda below to confirm the teleconference information for each meeting.

Notices of board meetings are posted online and when online posting is unavailable at the below locations for each district.

  • District No. 1 – the southwest corner of the intersection of Plum Creek Blvd and Crystal Valley Parkway
  • District No. 2 – the coordinates 39°19’44.4″N 104°52’06.7″W
  • District No. 3 – the northwest corner of Bistort Point and Cupule Trail
  • District No. 4 – the southeast corner of the intersection of Crystal Valley Parkway and Plum Creek Blvd
  • District No. 5 – the southwest corner of the intersection of E. Montaine Circle and Vervain Trail

You may view the agendas and minutes below.

Notice of Public Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
04-18-24Regular, No. 3Agenda
01-18-24Special, No. 3Agenda
01-18-24Special, No. 2Agenda
01-18-24Special, No. 1Agenda
10-30-23Annual MeetingAgenda
10-20-23Special, No. 3Agenda
Debt Notice, No. 3
10-19-23Budget HearingBudget Agenda
10-16-23Special, Nos. 3-5Agenda
09-05-23Special, No. 3AgendaMinutes
05-24-23Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
04-20-23Joint RegularAgendaMinutes
01-19-22Joint RegularAgendaMinutes
12-02-22Special, No. 2AgendaMinutes
10-19-22Budget HearingAgendaMinutes
0-7-27-22Regular, No. 1AgendaMinutes
07-20-22Special, No. 2AgendaMinutes
04-27-22Joint Regular, Nos. 1 & 2AgendaMinutes
10-27-21Budget HearingAgendaMinutes
07-21-21Joint SpecialAgenda
Debt Notice, No. 2
07-06-21Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
06-15-21Joint SpecialAgendaMinutes
02-25-19Joint OrganizationalAgendaMinutes
Contact White Bear Ankele Tanaka & Waldron for additional minutes.